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Postdoctoral Fellows Program

The King Center Postdoctoral Fellows Program offers fellowships to outstanding new PhD recipients who have a demonstrated ability to generate high-quality, policy-relevant research on critical issues related to global development. The program is intended for promising new PhD recipients—coming from fields such as computer science, earth systems science, economics, engineering, health policy, political science, and...

Guideline for the Examination of Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs

Guidelines for the examination of patents, Utility models, and Industrial Designs are intentioned to provide guidance in the practice and procedure to be followed in processing industrial property applications for the grant and registration of patents, utility models and industrial designs in accordance with the Industrial Property Act 2001(the Act) and the Industrial Property Regulations...


To access, GPR 576 RESEARCH, WRITING AND PUBLICATION 2023 Inaugural Class Memo 2023 click here. Draft Syllabus of Issues 2023 click here. Course Outline 2023 click here. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Study Guide and Checklist 2023 click here. Course Outline click here. LAW, DEMOCRACY AND GOVERNANCE Course Outline click here. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW Study Guide and Checklist...

Katiba 2010 Achievements and Challenges

In this article, Prof ben Sihanya addresses three questions: first, whether the Constitution has addressed the issues, challenges, and aspirations it was intended to address, considering the interests of the people and those of leading politicians. The second question is whether the Constitution is ripe for amendment and which are necessary and desirable. The third...

Provisions on Mutual Recognition Agreements in relation to Common market Protocol and the Treaty for the establishment of EAC

This paper discusses the specific provisions of Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) in relation to the EAC Common Market Protocol and the Treaty for the establishment of EAC. The specific provisions in the two instruments will be identified and briefly discussed to put into context the overall objective of this project. To read the full article,...

Media’s place in devolution

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 is expected to entrench devolution, freedom of expression, and media as key parameters in constitutional implementation. Prof Ben Sihanya analyses how the media should cover devolution in the Kenyan and comparative context. To read the full article, click here.

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