Intellectual Property LawScholarship And Teaching of Intellectual Property and Innovation in Kenya and Africa

I advance a three-pronged argument in this essay. First, scholarship and teaching of intellectual property (IP) need to be reconceptualized to cover IP, innovation, transfer of technology (ToT) and licensing as well as topics that are relevant to Kenya’s and Africa’s sustainable development including socio economic, cultural and political development.

Second, IP scholarship and teaching in Kenyan and African universities should be interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral and should also be integrated with sub-national (or county), national, subregional and Africa-wide frameworks on research, science, technology, and innovation (RSTI).

Third, there is need to reform the objectives, agenda and curricula on university scholarship and teaching so that IP, innovation, ToT and licensing law should be offered in all universities. Moreover, they should be offered to non-law students and staff leading to awareness or sensitization at certificate, diploma as well degree, master`s and PhD qualifications.

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